Meet Sunshine Flagg, the brains and talented hands behind The Culture Club. Each week she opens her home to friends and strangers alike to share a meal. With 17+ years of experience in many professional kitchens throughout New York City and a multi-cultural background with specialties in Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Sunshine’s kitchen offers an intimate place to share in each other's culture, food, and stories.

Cultural exploration through shared meals based in Louisville, KY

Welcome to The Culture Club, a community rooted in the art of sharing of meal. 

The Culture Club provides a unique and arguably necessary opportunity to connect to the culture and experience of our extended community around the world and our own neighbors at home. Food can be so many things to us: love, medicine, comfort, strength, pleasure. When we share a meal we create community. We create connection. We create a better understanding of people through food and customs of a home-cooked family meal. This offers us an opportunity to share our own stories of family, culture, and travel. We’re all in this together. There are no ‘others’, there is only us.