Join us for a special evening with Chef Sunshine Flagg. Experience the beautiful country of Thailand through storytelling, chef demo and 5 courses with drink pairings.

- Chef Sunshine Flagg

“I am taking the best parts of Whole30 and balancing it with a whole food, sustainable eating approach”

Hello and happy Fall to you Culture Club family! The Culture Club Presents is introducing a new way for you to enjoy our culturally inspired dishes outside of our Pop Ups. Today we’re announcing our upcoming roll out of Good Good Meal Prep. A local subscription service with a menu curated and hand made by Chef Sunshine Flagg. Why do we get to call it “Good Good”? The meals are designed for people who want to stop eating poorly without necessarily committing to a diet. It is possible to make good food choices without denying yourself of a fully satisfying and tasty meal.

What makes this food different than going anywhere else for breakfast or lunch? We can tell you exactly what’s going in your body. There is:

  • No Added Sugar

  • No Alcohol

  • No Dairy

  • No Gluten

  • No processed foods or preservatives  (ie. bleached grains, flour, chemical additives)

  • Eggs used are locally sourced and free-range

  • Meats are locally sourced when possible

  • Beef used is grass-fed only

  • Vegetarian fed, antibiotic free, cage-free chicken

  • Produce provided is mostly organic and as local as possible

  • High-quality oils only (ie. coconut oil, mct oil, evoo, sesame oil, grapeseed oil)

  • Soy and beans will be included (ie. tofu and tempeh, chickpeas, black beans)

  • Small amounts of nutrient-dense, unprocessed gluten-free grains (ie. quinoa, brown rice, black rice, red rice)

  • Vegetarian options on every menu

  • A whole food dessert option each week (all rules still apply as above so don’t fret about sugars!)

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